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The Power of Synergy

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Human sexuality: 3 minutes
Human relationships

Sex as a function
4 Dichotomies
4 Dispositions

Orgasm for SJs
Orgasm for NFs
Orgasm for NTs
Orgasm for SPs

Sexuality principles
Standards for Self-Care when single

The Composition of Commitment
Keys and secrets to “keeping the heat turned on”


Mixed feelings, ambivalence, indecision, various perspectives, contradictions, dichotomies--these are just some of the ways that can prompt us to say, "Yes and No."
At the very least, "Yes and No" can set the stage for reconsidering assumptions, judgments and beliefs.
So, join us tonight as Rochelle and I explore what it might take to get to a resounding "yes," a decisive "No,"or a determined "maybe"-- regarding the issues that determine the direction and quality of our lives.