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Join us for current event coverage including a new call for DC statehood from the European Parliament ! Alex Mayer, a United Kingdom Labour Party member representing the East of England region, spoke at a plenary session of the legislative body that governs the European Union to push the body to recognize D.C. residents’ lack of voting rights at the federal level. "Mayer said she was 'baffled' to learn that the District’s 700,000 residents lack voting representatives in the U.S. Congress" writes Christian Paz of NBC referring to a June meeting with Shadow Sen.

Today, Sun, September 4 – We welcome back Maria Sanchez to continue talking about the Presidential Election and other current events. Call in number TOLL FREE is 888-627-6008!

The Council of the District of Columbia created the New Columbia Statehood Commission in 2014.  There was a two day convention this past Friday & Saturday to further the initiatives for DC statehood. This is the first time in 34 years this has occurred. Join Maria and myself and some possible guests who attended the convention as we discuss the process involved for DC statehood.

This Sunday our guest is Stephen L. Kolb. Steve is an organizer, writer, photographer, videographer, actor and film maker. He is currently working on a documentary film on the movement for DC statehood.  A lot has been going on in Washington to help educate and revitalize our effort for statehood!

Shadow Politics welcomes back a very special guest, Kathleen Gomez, who was the prior co-host on Shadow Politics. We will be catching up on what is going on in her current life away from the radio show! We have missed her!

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown and Kathleen Gomez - Easter Special!