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PTV's first ever octologue. Focus and discussion is on three main issues holding back humanity from ascension, and three solutions offered per person to shift the planetary consciousness.

Guests, Daryl Sprout, Miguel Angel, Amantha Cole, Michael Ball, Graeme Muir, Johnny Delirious and Frank Bacon

Piercing The Veil with Jordan-Michael and Corey Stevens

Daryl Sprout, Eugene Braxton, Frank Bacon and Johnny Delirious!

This is a special Collaboration Episode featuring the best of the best from past shows.

Excellent stories shared, ideas discussed, and all around Mindblowing!


Jordan & Corey discuss the in's and out's of handling yourself in the Midst of Nazi Goons and Criminal Courts.

The united states is already a police state, this episode is a primer for becoming one of the "untouchables" or "a legal porcupine".

No Legal Advice. Replicate at your own risk.