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Don't Panic Its Organic with Andy Lopez, aka: The Invisible Gardener

Topic: Dances with Ants

Natural Ant Control - Part 2 - The Ants are Coming, The Ants are Coming! Never Mind they are here! There are many things the summer drought and heat bring to your yard and ants are one of them! Typically, ants are severe enough to control outside. Take away their source water and the ants will do whatever it takes to get the water they need. So it is only natural that they come to your property. They react to the environment. They respond to plants when they are stressed. That is what they do. Stressed plants are their primary food and water source. You cannot kill all the ants.

As summer comes and warmer weather, so do the bugs! This week we are talking about Ants! I started in the 6th grade learning about ants and went out and got an Uncle Milton Ant Farm. That got me started on my 'Dances with Ants' system that I've developed through the years that really works! In fact,  I wrote a book called 'Dances with Ants - Natural and Organic Ant Control' ! Tune in this Saturday and learn why  it's not possible nor desirable to kill all ants. It is not possible because more ants will move in to take their place.