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The Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden and guest Victoria Lundquist

The White House and elites finally use the word “crisis” when talking about illegal immigrants… not the hundreds of thousands who pour into border town but now that DeSantis sent a few dozen to the Chardonnay sipping, pearl clutching rich enclave of Martha’s Vineyard it is a “crisis” there.

In today's fast paced society It's easy to let our health go. We find ourselves eating things that we know aren't good for us, made with ingredients we can't even pronounce! Is it any wonder America is in the middle of an health crisis, from type II diabetes's, to hyper-tension and obesity? Join me today with my special guest, Dr. Thomas Brewer Ph.D. he is a Chemist who specializes in nutritional blood microscopy. His greatest gift is his unique ability to present complex information in a simple manner. Dr.