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Hi friends. With the launching of a new global ITCCS campaign in mid April, our funding raising is crucial right now; so naturally our means to raise money have been attacked on every front. But here are two basic ways to get me the funds to pay for my travel, research and community organizing:
1. Go Fund Me /Crowd Funding: Go to this, my "Truth Tellers Shield" site, and donate directly:

We have two guests! During the first half hour we will be talking with John Kaiser, a former long time Union organizer from Des Moines who helped us at the Iowa caucuses for DC statehood. Then, the second half of the hour we introduce Mary Clare Rietz, a master of fine arts student in DAAP, who recently led a group on a walking tour called “Outside/In” through Washington, D.C. to showcase the movement for statehood. Mary is a community organizer and artist from Ohio. Join us!