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The Jim Benson Show

Biden Says MAGA Republicans Are A Threat To The Nation; Alex Jones Predicts False Flag Terror Attacks

Biden's speech saying MAGA Republicans are a threat to the country is another example of the war he and his controllers have declared against America in their plot to destroy and radically transform it into a slave state of world government

After the stolen election, we are witnessing its consequence: a communist takeover of America; 'New World Order': deadly power struggles within the CCP, invasion of Taiwan looming

The Jim Benson Show

First Request for Preliminary Injunction To Bar Use of Voting Machines Filed in Az; Vote Fraud Documentary 2000 Mules To Be Released; Musk Buys Twitter

The Jim Benson Show

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Ukraine's situation is improving; Hunter Biden's laptop authenticity acknowledged by MSM; Enough evidence of 2020 election fraud to decertify three states, invalidate the election

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Elon Musk's Starlink satellite system helping Ukraine destroy Russian military equipment; the importance of Ukraine; Rudy Giuliani, Patrick Byrne say there's enough evidence to show that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president