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The Jim Benson Show

Why have Republican leaders given up on election crimes?

Unless Election/Vote Fraud Issues Are Resolved 2024 Will Be Another Deep State/Globalist/CCP Victory

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The Jim Benson Show

Title: Trump: Election Fraud Rapidly Being Exposed; China Economy Sinking, West Awakening To Reality.

Subtitle: Comments on election fraud from Trump Speech in AZ; China's economic woes getting worse; could they lead to world-wide recession? The West is beginning to wake up to the realities of totalitarian communist China

Tags: Election Integrity, Communist China, China Economy, CCP, Oligarchs

The Jim Benson Show

Title: Chicom infiltration, corruption of USA government, business is appalling; 174,000 votes lost in AZ 2020 election

Subtitle: Is Nancy Pelosi owned by communist China? Did JCS Chairman Milley commit treason with secret calls to Chicom counterpart?

Tags: Mark Milley, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Communist China, AZ Voter Canvass

The Jim Benson Show

Title: What's Really Behind US Disaster in Afghanistan? Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium

Subtitle: Evidence suggests communist China is the big winner in disastrous US Afghan Pullout; Your Wake Up Call, a powerful video from Mike Lindell's cyber symposium

Tags: Afghanistan Disaster, Mike Lindell, Cyber Symposium, CCP, Joe Biden

The Jim Benson Show

Title: Mike Lindell's new election fraud documentary does best job yet of explaining his evidence of fraud. And Lindell's new lawsuit exposes voting equipment companies' ties to communist China.

Tags: Absolutely 9-0 Video claims irrefutable election fraud proof; communist China's goal of world domination; voting machine firms linked to communist China.