Here We Stand, February 16, 2020

Establish Liberty: Republic of Kanata

Here We Stand with Kevin Annett

Topic: Canada's West Coast Genocide: China, Trudeau and Pipelines

Live Introduction by Kevin and then we aired rerun dated 01/28/2018 with guest Merv Richie, Naming and Standing Down the Killers

Galactic Connection: Above All Else, Hold The Space! Overview of 2016 with Cosmic Awareness, December 29, 2015

In this last week of 2015, Alexandra Meadors and Will Berlinghof share yet another amazing interview. Cosmic Awareness comes through with clarity and purpose, sharing messages we all truly need to hear and assimilate as members of the enlightened spiritual community.

As Will channels the Cosmic Awareness, you will hear information on:

*The role of the Enlightened Ones

Galactic Connection: How World History Has Instigated The Blood Feud Against Syria, November 3, 2015

Alexandra Meadors and Mike Harris of share a thorough review of what lies behind all of the headlines regarding ISIS' targeting of Russia, Syria, and Iran. You will learn about the Khazarian Kings who initiated this blood feud and how it has carried through to today's headlines.


Susan Grimaldi, internationally renowned for producing documentaries on Manchu and Mongol Shamanism, will be my guest this week. She is a member of the Choctaw Nation, and has been practicing Shamanism for over 35 years.

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