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Guest - Astrologer Mark Dodich: We will discuss the results of the recent Summer Solstice and the upcoming intense months. Mark comes to "Let's Find Out" again to share with us news about the three eclipses (April and may) and the focus of the energy from them. There are political changes, financial changes, and earth changes ahead, and Mark will tell us how all this will come about. There is an upcoming Grand Trine in Water at the end of July, bringing us some positive changes, as well as lots and lots of water.

SUNDAY – January 2, 2011


Sunday night, January 2nd at 6:00 PM Pacific, Elizabeth Joyce interviews the famed astrologer Mark Dodich.

Changes are always taking place in our lives: friends, finances, even our interests. But, the greatest changes of life are the ones that take place within! How much do you want to change? Are you ready to begin? On this episode we will discuss the steps necessary to transform into the person you want to be!