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The Jim Benson Show

Title: George Soros Predicts Xi Jinping's Future. CCP's Infiltration Of Influence Over USA

Subtitle: Globalists and oligarchs hoping/conspiring for overthrow of Xi Jinping, China is on the verge of economic and environmental collapse, CCP
has extensively infiltrated US, Is the CCP unleashing a hemorrhagic 
fever epidemic on the world?

Tags: George Soros, Xi Jinping, China, CCP, China Toxic Food, China Economy, China Environment

The Jim Benson Show

Title: Why is there so much opposition to exposing election and voter fraud in the 2020 elections?

Subtitle: The plot to remove Donald Trump appears to have involved elements of US intelligence community and other parts of our government and society, as well as communist China and other foreign governments

Tags: Election Integrity, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, RINOs, Communism, CCP, Globalism

The Jim Benson Show

Title: Trump: Election Fraud Rapidly Being Exposed; China Economy Sinking, West Awakening To Reality.

Subtitle: Comments on election fraud from Trump Speech in AZ; China's economic woes getting worse; could they lead to world-wide recession? The West is beginning to wake up to the realities of totalitarian communist China

Tags: Election Integrity, Communist China, China Economy, CCP, Oligarchs

The Jim Benson Show

Title: What's Really Behind US Disaster in Afghanistan? Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium

Subtitle: Evidence suggests communist China is the big winner in disastrous US Afghan Pullout; Your Wake Up Call, a powerful video from Mike Lindell's cyber symposium

Tags: Afghanistan Disaster, Mike Lindell, Cyber Symposium, CCP, Joe Biden

The Jim Benson Show

Title: CCP Owns US Mainstream Media, Draconian New COVID Restrictions?, States Push More Election Audits

Subtitle: CCP paid millions to US media elites to cover up COVID19 origin, praise CCP; Biden and his handlers signal new COVID restrictions; can we undo the 'coup'?

Tags: Joe Biden, CCP, COVID19, Election Integrity, Election Audits

The Jim Benson Show

Arizona Election Audit
Finds Key Vote Machine
Computer Files Deleted

Biden's DOJ Goes 
After Trump Lawyer
Rudy Giuliani

US Populists Are
Winning: How Will
CCP React?