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Paradigm Shifters presents a special interview with Aaravinda.  Learn about living in compassion, learn that you are enlightenable NOW, that our goals are Beauty, Love, Compassion, Peace, Truth, Faith.  Aaravinda ignites us with his endless focus on discovering our own divinity.  He has complete "sight" able to understand the relationships between each of us and the universe, or how the universe comprehends unity with the

The Beauty Files with Juanita interviews with:

Amber Enfield, Kara Allan, Chef Richard Johnson

The Beauty Files with Juanita interviews with:

Michael Christian, David McCrady, Ruth Gresser

The Beauty Files with Juanita Valentines Day Communications and Relationship Show with Guests: Steven Gaffney, and Michelle Ortega, The Single Women in NYC Film Project

Guest for this show include: Dr. Carol Richardson, Dr. Shandell Knights and Steven Gaffney

Show Summary #29

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The Promise of Art is Young”

The Beauty Files with Juanita, with host Juanita Dillard, on BBS Radio!

Kile with Big Girl Cometics, an eco friendly line of cosmetis designed for the woman of color

BJ with Hot Wings on The Run Sauces

Nessa with Gone Greens, a company that uses collard greens in great creations

The Beauty Files with Juanita Dillard - Topic: You are what you wear

Lunchtime Beauty Treatments with Juanita Dillard