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Live talk show broadcasts are edited, coded, uploaded, archived, metatagged, and provided all the necessary text and field data for automatic syndication to other radio network portals within 24 hours after airing live on station 1 or station 2 network streams. Live broadcasts are recorded and archived at 44,100 Hz, at 128k bps, using joint stereo sound settings in mp3 format. Live talk show broadcasts are also taped in loss less wav format at 1411k. Ultimately, all programs are taped in two formats!

RSS Syndication feeds have been created around all content types, for easy and automatic syndication to other sites accepting the information via xml, and for easy subscription by users wishing to subscribe to the materials and be sent the information automatically (straight to their own devices) at the push of a button. This includes written blogs, articles, podcasts, featured guests, headlined shows, new music artists, and other content worthy of syndication and subscription! (Content has Syndication Ability and RSS Feeds!)