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ET Yoga with Charles Green

First Contact scenario with Pleiadians, activities and colonies on the moon, moon existence and ascension process

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Ascension process, Yoga and where ascended masters go when they die, and vaccine information

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Ascension process, yoga teachings, political opinions and observations from a spiritual perspective

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Ascension Process and prior programming data sites

From Closed Systems of the Deep State
To Open Systems of the High State

Podcast – on Ascension and The Alliance;
Narrative via show blog HERE

Ascension – Evolution of the High State;
   Full Disclosure of the Opportunity

Within this PROFOUND Retrograde plus the RISING EXPANSION of energies on the planet, many are wondering “AM I Crazy or Just Ascending?”  Sri and Kira take you through the illusion and lift into you clarity! Learn how to CLAIM your knowing and fuel your Passionate Action to sustain your journey with abundant flow. Noticing shifts in your body, mind and emotions?

Carl Rodrigues, a Life Balance & Ascension Coach, experienced a journey from head to heart which transformed a life ruled by fear and addiction to balance and joy. He has a degree in Classics from King's College, Cambridge, eighteen years business experience and is an intuitive starseed. He will offer guidance on the ascension process into the higher dimensions, share from his story and discuss what we can expect in 2013. His seven-step process helps people create a vision, clear the obstacles, be productive, manage energy, harness intuition, empower thinking and manifest.