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On The Level with JLouis Mills

Pandemic life, political noise, racism, republicans and social media, and answering questions

Interesting show this week! JLouis has received quite a few questions and comments through social media - good and bad. He'll be answering some of them on air.  Wonder what people are saying to him?  Tune in and find out!

Laura Eisenhower and Madisun Truesdell are the Justice Twins...  Committed to sharing the truth about Dark Technologies and bringing together a community ready to take action to initiate change. James interviews them tonight about the Justice Twins Mission Statement and how you can get involved.
If you're focused on being part of the solution and taking action, join the Justice Twins community on facebook
Tonight James interviews Tat Erick who is called an Aj Q’ij and a KamalBey (spiritual teacher) within the traditional indigenous circles and  the native people of the Maya,  
His entire life has been walking between the worlds, the physical/mental with the spiritual/elemental. And with this lifelong experience, he has become aware of the supernatural beings that hold and co-create cosmic natural elemental forces.

We've gotten great feedback from the recent shows where you've had a chance to call in and ask James your questions.  So, we're doing it one more time in March!  Again tonight JamesGilliland will be taking your calls and questions live on As You WIsh Talk Radio.  

Due to popular demand James goes takes your questions and comments live again tonight.  The energies are shifting rapidly and this brings up many questions for individuals.  Call in with your questions.

James will also give an update on the 2015 ECETI Conference.

James updates the ECETI Community on what's happening in the multi verse and gives a sneak peak at the Speaker Line up for the 2015 Conference at the ranch.

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland talking caller's questions!