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Spirits Work, January 10, 2010

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New Adaptations: Illuminating discoveries about why we think the way we do when we drag situations and poor decisions made into the next day, week or even year. How to be positive without really trying, but then again it should fit very well with many to find we can and are able to alter life patterns by moving throiugh new adaptations of how we think we can - then find we can!

Spirits Work

“Our aim is to bring truthful information and knowledge through our gifts of spirit. To help people enhance their lives and the lives of others, and to restore the balance and the well-being of the planet.”

About the hosts: Mick and Sylvie are international spirit mediums, healers, teachers, authors, and radio show hosts, who travel globally inspiring and assisting others on their journey of life. They are world renowned mediums, helping people both sides of life wherever they go.

Mick has an exceptional and unique gift of spirit. He is a deep trance medium and live on the Spirits Work Show' he channels an enlightened spirit guide called Gregory Haye, who engages in articulate and absorbing dialogue with Sylvie and callers who wish to participate and ask him a question.

About the show: Gregory is the resident guest on the show each week. He is the charming and articulate spokesperson for an educational spirit group called The White Cloud Group, who have come to help us and our world regain some equilibrium, setting us onto a path of higher purpose and a road to peace.

Profound: The wise teachings of the White Cloud Group are informative, non judgmental, inspiring, and uplifting to those who are aware of the need for positive change and the raising of the vibration of the planet. They consist of a broad spectrum of experts including: scientists, physicists, alchemists, geophysicists, medics, cosmologists, artists, environmental pioneers and inventors, along with ordinary people. Each week Gregory talks about a different topic that is always compelling listening, threaded with astounding information that could never be gained any other way.

Sylvie is the shows host and assists Mick by providing the energy for Mick's trance state. She is also a physical medium. They are leading authorities on anything and everything to do with the spirit world and are dedicated to the awakening of the spiritual nature we all have within us and showing us how to achieve it.

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