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Wildlife Warriors: A Tale of Two ACOs
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Join us as we reveal the raw, unfiltered look at the human side of animal control with Jennifer Merenda, Chief Animal Control Officer, City of Bridgeport, CT, and Gina Gambino, Head Animal Control Officer for Monroe, CT.  We get a behind-the-scenes look at the careers of these seasoned professionals and gain a deeper understanding of the vital role they play in our communities.

We explore what Jennifer and Gina wish the public knew about their profession and the impact of public perception on their daily lives and mental health. Jennifer and Gina openly discuss the stark contrasts between working in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Despite the myriad challenges they face, both women share what motivates them to return to work each day with renewed vigor. They also touch on the personal impacts of their careers, including the toll on their wellness. A poignant part of our conversation delves into whether animal control officers are regarded on par with other emergency personnel and first responders, a topic that elicits heartfelt responses from both.