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Scott L. Steward
Guest Biography

Scott L. Steward, a Master Certified Teacher of Entrepreneurship, is an accomplished and award-winning educator with 18 accolades under his belt. As a former Chicago Public School teacher, his entrepreneurial expertise is frequently sought after by various publications for advice on new ventures and guidance for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. He has authored a successful business plan featured in Make $1,000 in 35 days, contributed to the textbook Entrepreneurship: Owning Your FUTURE 11th Edition (Pearson, Prentice Hall), and penned 31 Ways to Improve Your Life: a Book of Stewisms's.

Often referred to as the "force" behind a student's limitless future, Scott is dedicated to empowering his students to become CEOs of their own businesses and lives, creating wealth on their own terms. As a business owner, educator, entrepreneurial expert, and father of five, Scott has firsthand experience with the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship.

From a young age, Scott understood the importance of financial independence. With his mother's encouragement, he started his first business, Scott's Enterprises, at just 12 years old, providing car washing and lawn care services in his neighborhood. During high school, he and his cousin found success promoting parties and album release dates for national artists, experiences that laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial journey.

Scott's extensive background includes serving as the Interim Director of the Small Business Development Center at Chicago State University, CEO of Break Bread Marketing & Media—a boutique multimedia production company and marketing consulting firm, Master Certified Teacher of Entrepreneurship by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), and Professor of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Chicago State University.

For over 15 years, Scott has leveraged his corporate marketing and business experience to inspire students to pursue their dreams. His passion and determination have allowed him to forge meaningful connections with his students, many of whom have become successful young entrepreneurs under his guidance.