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In this special episode, Officer Pete Elste (Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator), Firefighter Pete Nichio, Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW-EMT, and Scott Alvord, LCSW (Crisis Intervention Clinician), come together for Real Talk: Stress vs Serenity. Under the theme of "This too shall pass," they explore strength in vulnerability and recovery from job-related trauma. They discuss the benefits of Embedded Clinicians at emergency services agencies, maintaining sobriety, challenges of formal and informal leadership, and finding peace amidst chaos in their high-stress professions.

The panel shares insights on how they navigate the daily stresses of their roles, highlighting the significance of mental health support within emergency services. Join us as these professionals provide a candid and enlightening dialogue on managing stress, leadership, sobriety, and the emotional toll of their critical roles in serving the community.

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