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In this episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing David Berez, a retired Police Officer and Drug Recognition Expert with over 33 years of experience in Emergency Services. David shares his insights on Resiliency, Officer Mental Health, Transition into Retirement with Purpose, and Positive Psychology Tools, all from his own personal experiences.

David discusses the importance of mental health for officers and how they can build resilience in their daily lives. He also delves into his own transitioning into retirement and how he found purpose after leaving the force. Join us as we explore the fascinating insights of a seasoned expert in Public Safety.

As the President and Founder of Six4 Consultants, a Public Safety Consulting Firm, David is a well-respected authority in his field. He is also a published author, featured columnist, guest speaker and panelist on a variety of Public Safety discussions. With his expertise, David has become a Resiliency Program Officer and Master Resiliency Trainer.