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🔥 In this episode of Responder Resilience podcast, we have a special guest - FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb. 🚒 He's the author of the best-selling book "Cornerstones of Leadership - On And Off The Fireground." Join us as he shares his wisdom and inspiring stories from his 40+ years in the fire service. Get ready to be motivated and learn valuable lessons on training, teamwork, and the winning mindset.👨‍🚒

🧰 On a new installment of Resilience Toolbox, we speak with Suhrud Rajguru, Ph.D., Co-Founder at RestorEar Devices and Professor at the University of Miami about ReBound by RestorEar, the first ever FDA registered and research-backed hearing health device engineered to minimize hearing damage AFTER noise exposure.👂🏼