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Dr Olivia Johnson on Responder Resilience
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🎤 In this episode, Stacy and David speak with Dr. Olivia Johnson, Founder of the Blue Wall Institute ( ) about police officer suicide and The Fatal 10. We do a deep dive into the root causes of law enforcement officers taking their lives, and examine Dr. Johnson’s “Fatal 10” of suicide contributing factors.

We discuss why we keep doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result, and the topic of agencies mandating mental health checks to reduce stigma and normalize the focus on mental health. Dr. Johnson explains terminology like “The Golden Hour”, “Think Like a Detective”, “Psychological Autopsy” and “The Cost for Caring”

Dr. Johnson is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a former police officer.

🧰 On the “Resilience Toolbox” segment, we speak with Doug Parker, who is a retired Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent and CEO of Thin Blue Defend.

Thin Blue Defend is a brand new, web-based and mobile app designed to assist an officer in communicating and documenting crucial details for ANY use of force incident. The app gives officers a simple, and thorough way to document their perception when use of force is required. Accessible from a home desktop, personal laptop or phone, the app guides the officer through a series of drop-down categories of in-depth information based on case law. This information can be shared with their attorney in anticipation of criminal and/or civil litigation.

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Thin Blue Defend