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We’re joined by 30 year law enforcement veteran and Law Enforcement Life Coach John Kelly, an expert on breaking the cycle of self destruction. John developed a wellness / leadership program called “Sometimes Heroes Need Help” that addresses the personal, professional, financial, physical and mental health of the first responder. John talks about what happens when crazy becomes the new normal, and stopping the PTS and suicidal ideation slide from becoming an avalanche.  We explore taking responsibility, failing and getting back up, the caring of others and practicing self-care.

As a law enforcement veteran of thirty-years John was involved in hundreds of critical incidents and a wide variety of specialized assignments. This diversification has given him a unique perspective in understanding the needs and obstacles facing our first responders.The greatest threat to his survival wasn’t the multiple attempts on his life from suspects, but came from within. An alcoholic, addict, and adulterer, John struggled to overcome the darkness of PTS and suicidal ideation. Overcoming these obstacles made it absolutely necessary for him to show our brothers and sisters how you can fall, sometimes repeatedly, and keep getting back up.