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Can we take our mind to the gym to build mental fitness? Performance expert Erik Leslie from Modern Mindfulness has trained professionals in the world’s toughest careers, like first responders, Special Forces and Apache Pilots with simple ways to become present in high-stress situations.

Erik talks about what modern mindfulness is, how to integrate it into daily life and work, and how it differs from the recurring cliches about meditation. He explains how to heal unhealthy stress, reduce anxiety and burnout to unlock a happier, more productive life, both on and off the clock.

Do you resist rather than accept our unpleasant thoughts and feelings? Are you coping with an overwhelming amount of mental stress?  With 15+ years of experience working as a mindfulness and performance consultant for the military, doctors, and athletes, Erik Leslie has a rare combination of skills and experience in training the world’s toughest careers. He is a certified teacher from UMass Medical School in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and received a Masters in Psychology from University of Denver