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From Former Marketing Exec to Homeless to A Near Death Experiencer Who Also Lost a Son & Daughter – Now Helps Grief-Stricken People Find Peace, Joy & Love

This Friday, July 29th, The New Reality Solutions Show welcomes Julianne Del Cano Kennard.  She will be speaking about her near-death experience and how she returned with a full recollection of the ‘other side,’ and how this allowed her to navigate through and out of homelessness, the loss of her son in a custody battle, and the death of her teenage daughter.  It also taught her  how this space of resilience, love, and spiritual expansion is possible for anyone.

Julianne is an international trainer of trainers and Human Potential Coach who has literally helped thousands of people experience more inner, unconditional freedom and peace.
She is author of the book Wholality: The Missing Link to Love

This is a live, call-in talk show.  Join Dr. Art Emrich and Dr. Christina Winsey for this fascinating interview.  You are welcome and encouraged to call in with questions and to join the conversation.

As always, our guest offers a very valuable free gift at the end!

Friday, 7/29,22 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST