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Firefighters—Get Fit, Stay Fit!

Firefighters are constantly at risk for long term injury, and they suffer a higher rate of workplace injury than most US workers.

In this episode, Bonnie and David interview Sara Beckert, health and wellness coach of First Response Health and Wellness.

First Response Health and Wellness offers a range of different health and wellness programs suited for all first responders with a specific focus on firefighters. Programs are created and implement based on NFPA guidelines and data collected based on individual fire departments, creating an individualized program for each department based on their needs

We will discuss:

  • How Sara prepares programming for her clients
  • Benefits for firefighters implementing her wellness programs
  • The costs of firefighter injury, illness and comp claims and how Sara’s wellness programs can be a win-win for the firefighter and the department
  • Some of the ways firefighter leadership and culture could better support wellness and fitness
  • Various incentives fire departments can offer their members to participate in fitness and wellness programs
  • Best ways for firefighters to start and stay motivated to maintain a fitness routine and healthy lifestyle
  • Sara tells us about her work with the International Firefighter Cancer Foundation and the National Fire Academy.

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