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Relentless Courage:  Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma

Responding to traumatic emergency incidents can take a significant toll on police officers' mental health, relationships, and their careers. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse and PTSI are some of the mental health challenges facing the law enforcement community.

Sergeant. Michael Sugrue has been on the front lines of this battle since he responded to a fatal officer involved shooting that instantly changed his whole world. The after effects of this traumatic incident began a journey where Michael experienced administrative betrayal and descended into a downward spiral affecting his work, his marriage, his integrity, and his health. He also had to constantly relive the details of traumatic incident during 4 years of depositions, testimony and trials.

Michael's story is also one of post-traumatic growth and transformation, of having the courage and strength to buck the stigma that prevents law enforcement professionals from seeking mental health services.  Michael finally did ask for culturally competent help and began the healing process.  Today, he generously pays his recovery forward by openly discussing and sharing his story as an author and speaker, as a Peer Volunteer at the West Coast Post Trauma Retreat and an Ambassador for Save A Warrior.

His book, RELENTLESS COURAGE: Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma, written along with Dr. Shauna Springer, PhD, tackles the complexity of trauma within the law enforcement community, uncovering the unspoken barriers, and outlines a path to healing.

Michael is a dedicated advocate for awareness, prevention, education, and training on Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) and First Responder Suicide Prevention, and speaks at law enforcement agencies all over the United States.

Watch this episode to learn more about how Micahel Sugrue began to heal from PTSI and how his book RELENTLESS COURAGE hopes to help other responders who are suffering from trauma.