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Solving the Age Old Question: How Can You Be the Best Parent Possible?

Did you know that anxiety and stress in children has reached an all-time high?

Pediatric nurse practitioner, holistic parenting coach and author Julie Phillips Hatch does, and she has some amazing solutions!

“Most parents have followed one of these paths in parenting their children:
•    Imposed their vision or ego on the child of what that child should do –whether it’s get good grades, study for a specific career, play sports or music, attend a preferred college, etc.
•    Tried so hard to ease their child’s path that the child never learns to fend for him or herself, feels entitled, or becomes simply unmotivated
•    Inflicts their own fears on the child so that the child either rebels or multiplies the fears
•    Corrects or criticizes the child to fulfill their own needs for outer appearances and expectations and stimulates the child’s feeling of never being “enough.”

Julie says there is another way, and that’s what we’ll be discussing, and talking about her new book, A Parenting Revolution for Higher Evolution when she joins Dr. Art and Dr. Chris on The New Reality Solutions Show – Friday, June 24th, 2022 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST (on