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There is Life After the Death of the Body

Many people with near death experiences have confirmed incredible stories of an afterlife.

If you could speak to someone you love who has crossed over would it comfort you?

Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like to Be a Medium who can communicate with a departed soul?

This Friday, June 3rd, 2022 at 9pm EST/6pm PST on the New Reality Solutions Show,  
Dr. Art and Dr. Chris have a very special guest.  

She is not only out of the ordinary in terms of the guests and topics we usually cover, but she is out of the ordinary - period!

Natalie Southerland is a Medium from Edinburgh, Scotland who grew up in a household of some very gifted Mediums. Her grandmother, who was an excellent Medium, told her these "gifts" do usually run in the family! Either that, or there's something in the water in Scotland!

Join us for what’s bound to be a truly remarkable show!