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Best Ways to Develop (and Keep) Good Relationships

Whether in business, friendships, or family, creating rapport in your communication is critical to building, and keeping, good relationships.

You can think of rapport as:  “A close and harmonious relationship in which two or more people understand each other's feelings and ideas and can communicate well at the unconscious level.” 

When rapport is good each person is able to give and receive information from the other without excessive evaluation, suspicion, or distrust. It is often said that with great rapport, almost anything is possible.  But without rapport nothing much can be achieved.  And it is not difficult to make rapport-building mistakes if you don't have good guidance.

Join co-hosts Dr. Art Emrich and Dr. Christina Winsey on the live, call-in talk radio show New Reality Solutions - this Friday, May 20th at 9pm EST / 6pm PST.  They’ll share with you the best ways to build rapport in relationships and how to avoid the things that cause you to lose rapport.