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Guest Name
Carrie Sauls
Carrie Sauls
Guest Occupation
Life Coach & Holistic Conscious Living Master Practitioner
Guest Biography

Growing up in an environment of mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of multiple family members led Carrie Sauls down a long road of treacherous health challenges, addictions and victimization. These challenges provided a resonance of living to serve and to give others what I felt the world needed most; love and healing.

This is ultimately why she chose to become a Nurse. During this time in her life that was based upon what she had endured as a child and up through adulthood, Carrie had adopted the “we live what we learn” motto. 

Her experiences as a child taught her that forgiveness was key; as she learned what was on the opposite side from her family. Darkness taught her what suffering was, but as time went on and she continued to grow and evolve as a person, she was fortunate to learn, with compassion, that her family was repeating patterns that each member was living over and over again -- a programmed abuse cycle. 

In her early 20’s she learned that three things occur from dysfunction and abuse: 1. we live as a victim, 2. we become the perpetrator (repeating what was done to us), or 3. we rise above it.  Statistics show only .3% of victims of abuse do this. But she also discovered that if she did not like something she could change it at any time, which is what she endeavored to do. She raised her daughter as a single mother the first half of her life with the intention for her to have a very different experience and that all those abuse patterns Carrie had lived as a child would end with her.

Carrie now lives her message and her mission to assist others to heal from, and to end the cycles of abuse from the inside-out. She is a holistic conscious living master practitioner,  utilizing energy solutions for health. She's a medical intuitive, empath, life coach and pranic healer.  Carrie left the nursing profession because she saw that there were potent and profound alternative healing methods yet to be adopted by the mainstream, which would further her ability to make a real difference in the lives of her clients.