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Building Morale Through Positive, Proactive Leadership

It's time to take the next step in emergency management leadership by adopting a new way of thinking. On this episode, we’ll be speaking with John Lynch, Town of Wilton CT Chief of Police & Emergency Management Director, and Nick Paproski, Director Of ALS Operations at Vintech Management Services, about what you can do to become an engaged, proactive leader.

Progressive fire, police and EMS agencies are switching from reactive to proactive leadership styles and effectiveness, which involves being open to new ideas, and the willingness to take action. While a good leader has a clear, concise vision of where they want an organization to go, poor leaders don’t lead, causing the organization to drift along, damaging morale and hurting employee retention. We discuss multiple ways to bring positive change to organizations which may be struggling with toxic, ineffective leaders.

The purpose of this episode is to inspire and motivate supervisors who face challenges in their role. When leadership is done right, it means that the police, fire or EMS agency team is engaged, proactive and resilient, which is the foundation to being successful in emergency services. Chief Lynch and Nick explain the importance of being a leader who maintains an awareness of their member’s physical and mental well-being.  When you're a leader who advocates for your department members, your members will respect you because they feel your heart and passion. It's all about creating a bond of trust and commitment.

John Lynch has been a Police officer since 1985. He is a volunteer fireman, EMT, chief of police, emergency management director, and Region 1 ESF 13 representative.  Chief Lynch has a Masters in Public Administration and Bachelors degree in criminal justice, and heads a police department with a 97% community approval rating.

Nick Paproski is an award-winning paramedic field provider and educator who’s worked in municipal, fire based, commercial and volunteer EMS systems. Nick currently serves as the Director of Operations for Vintech Management Services, a 300 employee EMS staffing company based in CT. A staunch advocate for provider mental health and wellness, Nick routinely presents on the topic of PTSD for the Fairfield Country Trauma Response Team.

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