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Billy Fleming
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Billy Fleming is a 51-year-old male singer, songwriter, poet and author of Snake Doctor and Butterfly Series. Born in upstate Ohio in the United States at the end of the late  60s. He writes songs that touch the heart and expand the mind. He has published 2 books of poetry and the third is his life story a truly amazing survivor story. Raised in Southwest Virginia and now resides in Tazewell, Virginia, where he writes his songs and plays music at every opportunity.

William Curtis Fleming, or Billy Fleming as known by most, writes with his heart and draws from the crazy life he led and all the trials along the way. A simple man that likes to get straight to the point and doesn't sugarcoat it for anyone. A man that is moved by sunsets, nature, love, and music that moves the soul. If it doesn't make you think, dance, or touch you in some profound way, then it's not for him. So much life this man has led and it shows in his songs and his written words. He's not just one genre, he explores the depths of his heart and the far reaches of his mind. This songwriter is a free thinker and holds nothing back in exploring his talent, whether it's singing, songwriting, being an author, or his passion for poetry. He always gives 100% at whatever he does and thrives for success. All you have to do is listen to the words of songs and you'll be hooked and wanting more. He draws his inspiration from his lovely Lesia, the love of his life and the one whom all his love songs and poems are written. A man on a mission and his mission is to spread his songs and lyrics to the world.