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You Are Far More Than You Think You Are
…How to drop limitations and go for your dreams

It’s time to discover your power and use it to design the life you really want.  Geraldine Mair had a dream inside of her that completely surprised her because you she didn’t believe she could achieve it. 

As she says “You make excuses for it, you delay it, you listen to other people telling you to settle for what you have, but deep down in your heart you know that you are not living to your potential and life is now just something you are getting on with.

Friday, February 25th on New Realities Solutions Show we welcome this dynamic author, speaker and therapist for an exciting and powerful interview (on BBS Radio 9pm EST / 6pm PST) 

Geraldine will share how you can open a world of wonder and help you to know that you can have a world to support and nurture your deservedness and draw happiness, prosperity, abundance, calmness, confidence, control, discipline, encouragement, and success into your life…

Are you ready to start the process of elevation beyond your own conditioning towards mental toughness?