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“Support from Superiors — Do They Have Your Back?”
In this episode, Dr. Stacy Raymond, Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW/EMT and Lt. David Dachinger (Ret) talk about Institutional Abandonment in emergency services:
➤ Why are so many responders feeling abandoned by their institutions and by their superiors?
➤ What are the benefits of after action reviews and proper mental health debriefings after difficult calls?
➤ What steps can command staff take to stay connected with their crews?
➤ How can we foster a department-wide team approach rather than “us versus them”?
➤ How is the old “just suck it up” mentality literally killing people?

While a good leader has a clear, concise vision of where they want an organization to go, poor leaders don’t lead, causing the organization to drift along, damaging morale and hurting employee retention. We discuss multiple ways to bring positive change to organizations that are struggling with toxic, ineffective leaders.

Watch “Support from Superiors-Do They Have Your Back?” Wednesday, Jan 12th, 7pm ET with Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW/EMT, Dr. Stacy Raymond, and Lt. David Dachinger (Ret.)

Responder Resilience show is dedicated to improving the mental and physical well-being of police, fire, EMS, and dispatch personnel. Hosted by Lt. David Dachinger (Ret.), Dr. Stacy Raymond, Psy.D., and Bonnie C. Rumilly, LCSW/EMT-B, these broadcasts feature expert guests sharing vital information about wellness topics for first responders. For resilience strategies with compassion and humanity from the front lines of responder health and wellness, subscribe and watch it here: