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Dear Friends, 

Over the past 40 years, I have helped thousands of people regain clarity, peace of mind, and spiritual freedom with my intuitive, spiritual, and healing gifts.

And if you haven't noticed, your world is changing at a very alarming rate. The old paradigm created in the '40s & '50s is decomposing rapidly right in front of your eyes. The old belief systems are being challenged every day and dismissed worldwide.

So, what does this have to do with you? Everything. And that's why you have found me. More than likely, you are still holding on to your old paradigm and way of life. One that has been repeatedly telling you “This is what you must do in order to become a successful and happy human being."

But it's not working anymore. Is it? And it's getting harder and harder for you to function "like a good little human." No matter how tight you are clutching on to your old way of life - it will not rescue you. It will inevitably fail you.

JOIN me every Wednesday evening LIVE at 8 PM EDT on The Miss Tina Show – heard worldwide on over 100 of the World’s Largest Broadcasting Networks, in over 36 countries, podcasted on the most trafficked Social Networks & the largest Podcast Portals on the Planet!