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Canadian Genocide leaflet, poster and image

Canadian Genocide leaflet, poster and image

Canadian Genocide leaflet, poster and image

End the Reign of Terror against Children: Stop the Canadian Genocide!

Starvation. Torture. Gang rapes. Medical experiments. Sterilizations. Murder. These crimes were inflicted on children for generations in the Catholic Indian “residential school” in Kamloops, B.C. But it was only one of over a hundred such death camps across Canada run by the Catholic, Anglican, and United churches, with the funding and protection of the Canadian government. Over 60,000 children died in these hell holes, but no-one has ever been prosecuted for their mass murder!

The criminals responsible are hard at work destroying the evidence and subverting justice. Church and State have burned documents, silenced eyewitnesses, and destroyed the graves of their victims, as is happening right now in Kamloops. You the taxpayer are funding these crimes, in violation of international law.

These atrocities are not a thing of the past. Native children are still trafficked and killed by the Catholic Church and used by Big Pharma in drug testing experiments. Aboriginals still die at genocidal levels as their communities are destroyed by corporations hungry for their lands. All of us are threatened by this slaughter. The same police state methods of imprisonment, censorship and mandatory vaccinations used against natives are now being deployed against all Canadians.

Despite this, resistance is building. For years, our Tribunal has documented the residential school mass graves and confronted the churches and government. In February 2013 we convicted them of Crimes against Humanity and forced Pope Benedict to resign. Standing arrest warrants empower Canadians to detain officers of these churches and seize their funds and properties as reparations for their murdered victims. Justin Trudeau and Pope Francis belong behind bars!

Our Tribunal is leading the fight to end genocide in Canada. We are conducting excavations at Indian residential school mass graves and are taking direct actions to shut down the Catholic, Anglican, and United churches as convicted criminals. Save the lives of children by helping us stop the ongoing genocide!

For more information contact and see Issued on June 15, 2021 by the Canadian Genocide Tribunal, an affiliate of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State.



Pull the Plug on Genocide in Canada! End the Coverup!

No funding or tax exemptions for Child Killing Churches!

Prosecute the Catholic, Anglican and United Church!


Why are these churches allowed to legally operate in Canada when they murdered 60,000 children?

Why are the Pope and Justin Trudeau not in jail?

Why do we allow the criminals to dig up their victims?


Do something about this homegrown crime: Assist the Canadian Genocide Tribunal and stop the criminals!

Know the truth: See and listen every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern at . Contact us at . We are affiliated with the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State that convicted Canada of Genocide and deposed Pope Benedict in February 2013.


“Earth, cover not their blood! Forgive us our gentleness with their butchers!”