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Now Available. Understand the present tyranny with Kevin Annett's latest book Memoirs of a Revolutionary

How has the world changed over the past half century, and what hope is there for a beleaguered humanity? 
Kevin Annett, a renowned fighter for equality and liberty, answers these questions and more in his latest book, Memoirs of a Revolutionary, by drawing on a critical analysis of the modern world and his own fifty years of political activism.
Is democracy a thing of the past? Is the corporatocracy here to stay? Kevin's eighteenth book faces these issues while sustaining our flagging spirits with "a realistic proposal for revolution, both personal and social". 
Kevin Annett demonstrates again why he has been called "one of the world's most valiant and persistent fighters for justice." (Colia Clark, Judicial Violence Symposium, New York City)
Memoirs of a Revolutionary can be ordered as an E book ($5 US) or in paperback ($12 US):