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yard of blondes

Dear BBS radio team ,

Los Angeles band Yard Of Blondes is releasing new single « Lowland »  from their debut album « Feed the moon » TODAY, February 14th 2020, and it would be an honor to be featured on your station for airplay.

Do you think we'd be a good fit?

The song is the result of a collaboration between Yard of Blondes and Billy Graziadei (from Biohazard) who produced the album. The one and only Mike Patterson (Nine Inch Nails, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck..) took care of the mix, and Maor Applebaum (Faith No More) mastered the album.

It's a slower track than their 1st single « you and I & I », but the darkness is still present..

« Lowland » depicts the dark place we always go to when we are distressed ; it’s the place where all our monsters live in, and it’s described like this: « the sun never rises », « drifted eyes in fear », « scary palms shaking »

« In the song i feel i’m going back to that dark place, but this time you’ll accompany me to get me out of there, just like Orpheus going to get Eurydice from death, except here the roles are reversed because Fanny is the one who is pulling me out from inside » that’s how Vincent Jacob (lead singer) describes the lyrics. This song has a deep meaning for him and it was his way to describe his real anxieties and fears.

The edgy, intense, and melodic music are widely influenced by the same artist that influenced the name of the band: Jeff Buckley. Still, don’t get it wrong, with its detuned guitars, haunting vocals and thumping rhythm section, Yard Of Blondes is the new alternative rock from the land of grunge.

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Thank you for your time and support and looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Fanny // Yard Of Blondes

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Insta/Twitter: @yardofblondes