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Wendy Martin

I call myself a harmony “Freak”. I just love hearing close, delicate harmonies. Even as a young child, I could always hear all the harmonies and instruments in a band, even when I was too young to know what those instruments were. I am still that way. I pay close attention to every note in a song. All of it plays a part when you’re trying to convey a message through music. I’ve always felt that music can break through the barriers in life that nothing else can.”
Wendy Lynn Martin is a folksy, country rock, singer/song writer. Along the lines of the Eagles, and Linda Ronstadt. She came from a family who loved music. She remembers her Grandparents singing Spanish songs together in close harmonies, and her parents always had music playing. Her father played guitar and taught her a few chords when she was just 4 years old. “I Grew up listening to music all the time. Everything from Bob Dylan to The Beach Boys, Everly Bros and the Beatles and even Mariachi music! In High school my best friend and I formed a duo and we would play a bit. Back then my mother pitched my music.”

The inspiration for "My Son": This song was written when my oldest step-son was getting ready to leave for college. When a child of yours leaves your home to begin his/her own life, you just hope that you taught them everything they will need to know to be happy. This song is about that. I sat down with my guitar and began playing and my husband chimed in with the words. It took me a year to be able to sing this song and not cry.