Guest, We The Ones

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We The Ones
Salome Gasviani - We The Ones
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7 piece Folk Rock Band
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We The Ones – 7 piece Folk Rock Band, focusing on an array of harmonies while spreading a melodic folk tale heartbeat of the collective consciousness!  The collective is made up of members Salome Gasviani, Richard Vagner, Ryan Bratton, Tim Keller, Trevor George, Boris Vagner and Effrain Ramirez.

Mission/Bio :

We The Ones is a musical odyssey converging around spiritual and philanthropic activism.
Created in 2013 with the mission of using music as a vehicle in spreading awareness of global issues while gathering a like-minded collective.
We The Ones revolves around the belief that we, the entirety of consciousness, are intrinsically one. We are one energy that lives on this planet together.
We are all the ones to enable change within our lives.