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Guest Name
Victoria Allen
Victoria Allen
Guest Occupation
Therapist, Tender of Dreams, Yin Yogi and Spiritual Mentor
Guest Biography

Victoria is a mentor to minds, a champion of spirits, a tender of dreams and a yin yogi.  She’s a therapist and spiritual mentor, but most of all, she is a believer in women waking up to themselves.

She has been on a mission to help women heal and raise their consciousness.  She started her career as a nurse, and from there, she’s dedicated over two decades as a transformational therapist and seminar leader.  she earned her Bachelors in Nursing and certification as an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner, she has a Masters in Psychology with a license in Marriage and Family Therapy, and she holds a certification as a New Agreements Coach. She is also trained as a Svaroopa-style yoga teacher and steeped in DreamWork.

Along the way, Victoria discovered that some of our deepest openings into LOVE come from our most painful experiences: for her, that included heartbreak, divorce, breast cancer, and recognizing and clearing the pain from her own faulty beliefs and habits.

But through these challenges, she’s gained the gifts that have brought her into greater states of love and contentment.