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Guest Name
Trina Hart
Trina Hart
Guest Occupation
Media Specialist, Artist, Publisher of ZETA EZINE
Guest Biography

Trina Hart

Zeta Global Group -  Marketing, Media and Communication, UK/Europe

Trina started her media career in 1979 in the BBC newsrooms at, what was then, the Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham. She then went on to become involved in business magazines and newpress local to her in Hampshire, UK.

For over 20 years Trina has been at the forefront of magazine publishing, film production and media relating to the wellbeing market, CAM and natural health solutions, environmental issues and latterly the move to media around the world of politics and consciousness. Her recent work has been involved with film research, interviewing for film, magazine and online radio.

Her skills lie in communication, artistic design and the written word. Having been the editor of many *national and international magazines, Trina has the ability to work to deadlines, deliver high quality content, plus is able to translate the brief to fit the vehicle/platform.

Marketing and OR have been a natural progression, and more recently Trina has been successfully driving crowd funding campaigns for her various media-based clients. Using crowd funding platforms, email campaigns and social media, Trina has honed her skills in copywriting and marketing messages to reap benefits for the various campaigns in which she has been active.

Overall, Trina brings a wealth of skill sets to the team and is happy to help on all aspects of communications around the projects in which she is involved.

* Live It Naturally, Whatmedicine?, Attitude, Ovation, High Tide, Out of the Blue and various business to business titles.