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Guest Name
Tracey Milne
Tracey Milne
Guest Occupation
Psychic medium and Accredited Angel Healing Practitioner
Guest Biography

Tracey has recently written the book “The Nice Guy's Field Guide To Energy Vampires” which has been her life’s work.  She is a professional psychic medium and Accredited Angel Healing Practitioner from St. Marys, Ontario Canada.  Over the last 30 years, Tracey has dedicated herself to helping people from all walks of life uncover patterns at play that may be causing them unhappiness now, while helping them to find alternatives and timelines that hold the greatest potential for success at all levels in the future.  Over her years of work, she has helped hundreds of people, including herself, spot and remove the draining effects an energy vampire can have on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.  Through her work, she has come to notice a pattern at play, that once you’re aware of might just help you stay out of the emotional quicksand the energy vampire likes to employ to leave folks feeling helpless as often as possible.