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Tony Walk
Guest Occupation
Singing Artist
Guest Biography


A multifaceted artist is an artist that has many aspects and abilities by definition. Tony Walk is not only multifaceted, but a well rounded artist in the truest sense. 

Born Anthony Walker, Tony Walk has been singing since the age of five years old and his love for music was evident in his ability to approach any genre of music vocally and master it in a signature style showcasing his smooth and fluid tenor voice.

He is an experienced performance professional who always leaves his audience entertained and wanting more. A gifted singer, songwriter and producer, Tony Walk has worked with music industry greats including Aretha Franklin, Billy Preston, Cher, Celine Dion, Little Richard, Andrae Crouch, Etta James, Miki Howard, and Vesta Williams.

His newest project  is highly anticipated in the music community by fans and friends, and is slated for release. A collection of classic material, this CD crosses international boundaries and showcases Tony’s masterful approach vocally to Pop, Rock, R&B, Gospel and Soul influences, all wrapped in a project that appeals to any music lover, while staying true to his message of love, social consciousness, spiritual awareness, and equality.