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Guest Name
Tina Sacchi
Guest Occupation
healer, public speaker, media personality, and author
Guest Biography
“All your answers are within… take the plunge and discover how beautiful you are bless the world with your essence.” (Tina Sacchi) Tina Sacchi is one of the nation’s foremost Holistic & Spiritual leaders who helps people self-heal. As an accomplished public speaker and media personality, she is also a best-selling author of My Spirit Is Not Religious: A Guide to Living YOUR Authentic Life, The Expert Success Solution, and the creator of a series of highly successful meditation and hypnotherapy audio programs that have made bestseller lists. Tina helps people release, resolve and heal patterns, imprints and beliefs that no longer serve them. She guides them to find their inner truth, live their authentic life, make their transition to their own calling and expedite healing faster than many traditional therapies. She has been featured on numerous local and national television shows, radio shows and newspaper/magazine articles and also hosted an international radio show host: Living A Spiritual Life with Tina Sacchi.

Tina Sacchi is a Master in Holistic Alternative Arts, which includes Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing (Reiki/Shamanic), Mysticism, Chakra Balancing, Soul Path Guidance, Past Lives Resolve, Future Life Progression, Raw & Healthy Food Coaching and Life Event Ceremonies.  Tina is certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis as well as the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Tina’s techniques also include Shamanic practices, Ear Coning, Meditation, Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Spiritual/Angel Readings, Crystal and Sound Healing, etc. Tina also performs a variety of ceremonies such as weddings, property and/or house clearing and property care-taking, renewal of vows, house blessings, friendship, engagement, baby blessings. etc.  She also holds a business graduate degree. Alternative healing can be traced in Tina’s ancestry for many generations. She has also studied under many spiritual leaders. Her passion to help people heal spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally is innate in her total being.  She teaches classes around the USA & internationally.

After climbing the ladder to senior executive positions in corporate America for almost two decades, Tina felt that there was still something missing. Also she battled some  physical illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, shingles, etc which are no longer part of her life. “And now what?” she said. Although she was always successful in her various positions, she wasn’t passionate about her career and wanted to claim back her physical health. So in 1997, she left corporate America and started studying profusely the many alternative healing techniques she now uses to help others.  “Although I was always successful in my previous career, I feel super successful now due to the passion and the connection I feel in my entire being. Enlightening others is what I do.”

As a loving and caring spiritual leader, Tina has helped thousands of people find their inner truth and has helped them make their transition to their own calling.

Tina has been featured on many local and national television, radio shows and newspaper/magazine articles and was an international radio show host in 2006, hosting her radio show: Living Your Light and today she hosts: Living A Spiritual Life with Tina Sacchi and has many prominent guests.  Tina conducts workshops and seminars at major companies such as Mayo Clinic Hospital, Honeywell, various colleges, etc.

Tina has created six wonderful cds: I Decide and I Create the Body I Want, a weight management hypnotherapy/hypnosis session cd, Serenity-A Suite of Four Guided Imagery Meditations, Connecting With Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels and Light Beings Meditation, and Survive Cancer Now, The Hypnotherapy Way to Replace Dis-ease with Excellent Health, Happiness and Love,  Supere El Cáncer Ahora, and  I Sleep, Sleep, Sleep Soundly Now (Complete Audio Set: Preparing to Sleep Checklist, Meditation, Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis)

Tina is actively involved in the spiritual community through her work by offering free seminars to those who cannot afford classes or private sessions.  She is also active in the West Valley Cancer Connections, and the Pacific Whale Organization where she raises awareness and funds to help save our waters, oceans, sea life, animals, etc.


1. To enlighten individuals with holistic and spiritual insight that will help them achieve their highest purpose. 2. To assist individuals’ development of spirit and their alignment with peace, harmony, unity, clarity, prosperity, and enlightenment. 3. To inspire holistic and spiritual growth without limits. 4. To achieve optimal health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 5. To bring people together and create an enlightened community.   Through her practice, she offers intuitively guided private sessions, group workshops, classes, and retreats worldwide. Email: