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Suns of the Earth
Suns of the Earth
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“Suns of the Earth’s music fills you, floods you with sustenance and good vibrations, vital life source to keep you going… it’s not just music it’s medicine, mantras for harmony”

Suns of the Earth are singing a rallying call to the global village to join together in community, celebration, and to take action in the world from a place of love and Earth guardianship. Their music is all tuned and recorded at A 432 hertz -aligned to the natural harmonic frequency of Planet Earth- creating a unique resonance with the listener rather than the industry standard A 440. Their energy and charisma is reminiscent of the Beatles meets modern day Matisyahu meets Nakho and Medicine for the People.  One of the few up & coming bands out there using the full strength of their male voices in chorus harmony, their passionate soundscape reveals Alok Ananda’s lyrically powerful verses that flow effortlessly between a Jim Morrison or hip hop style delivery. Sun’s sound is anchored by Eila Scott’s shining acoustic guitars and driven by Duke’s strong worldy percussion and reggae tinged baselines.