Guest, Stella Moon

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Stella Moon
Stella Moon
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singer, composer and producer
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Stella Moon is a Los Angeles native singer, composer and producer.  Her first album, “Activate” was created and released and she is now creating a second work, “Sanctuary”.   Stella has shared live music and recorded performances at live venues in Southern CA and on television and film. Her career started as a young girl singing pop tunes in the shower.  This led to the formal study of music in college, where she focused on studies driven by a love of jazz, FUNK and soul music. 

Along the way, Stella picked up the flute, piano, ukulele, guitar.  She uses songs to tell stories to connect to others experience and is excited to share music with a live band set.  Some major influences are Duke Ellington, Bob Marley, P Funk, Thelonius Monk, Sarah Vaughan, Bjork, Tori Amos and NIN.  Stella’s vision encircles empowering women, bringing light to ancestral traditions that include goddess worship and, encouraging humanity to heal our body mind and spirit.  There are many paths, so it’s time to get down on it.