Guest, Sherry Anshara

Guest Name: 
Sherry Anshara
Sherry Anshara, Medical Intuitive
Guest Occupation: 
Medical intuitive
Guest Biography: 

Sherry Anshara is a medical intuitive. She has died five times and has learned, grown, and increased her gifts and talents each time. She has a totally different take on life that she’ll share with us. She’ll also take calls as she can see things from a different point of view than most. 

For 28 years, Sherry Anshara has utilized her Medical Intuitive skills…first to heal her own broken back, broken neck, and smashed head…and then to assist thousands of people worldwide to heal their bodies and their lives of ailments and traumas. Her clients discover that healing does not take a long time when Sherry Anshara gets to core of why the issue started. She calls her intuitive process the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing. Sherry can be reached at (480) 609-0874