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Guest Name
Scott Catamas
Scott Catamas, Writer, Producer, Relationship Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Keynote Speaker and Event Facilitator
Guest Occupation
Writer, Producer, Relationship Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Keynote Speaker, Event Facilitator
Guest Biography

Scott Catamas is an EMMY Award winning writer/producer of Educational Television and Master Relationship Coach.   His programs have been enjoyed by millions worldwide, and he has become a sought after speaker and workshop presenter.  Having facilitated over 500 classes, events and workshops throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, Scott is now considered to be a Master Relationship Coach  & Teacher .  Personally coaching over 300 individuals, couples, families and small businesses,  Scott’s work consistently develops and evolves in order to meet the needs of his clients.  The co-founder of the Global Center of Compassion, he performs marriage ceremonies and leads bi-monthly retreats worldwide, for the LOVE COACH ACADEMY.

Whether he is speaking to a congregation, or providing keynote corporate events, Scott’s presentations are entertaining, inspiring and informative. He is flexible and skillfully adapts his presentations to meet the specific needs and interests of those in attendance.  Often he invites other co-facilitators to join his events, whether local NVC teachers or experts in related fields.  Through his LOVE COACH ACADEMY, Scott is training scores of other teachers to share and utilize his tools of COMPASSIONATE CONNECTIONS in their various fields of work and service.